Backtrack Day 2011


sorry, no news on CPX! I did not find the time to write about it and honestly I also dont have much to say about it. Barcelona is pretty nice but the event itself was a typical customer event. Not much groundbreaking information there worth sharing.

But I attended an event really worth mentioning: Backtrack Day 2011 in Fulda. The Topic this year was: “Das sind nicht die Hacker die ihr sucht!” Freely translated: This are not the hackers youre looking for!

It was a 2 Day weekend event splittet in a day worth security related presentations and the second day was a Reverse Engineering Workshop held by Carlos Garcia Prado (blog).

Parallel to the Reverse Engineering Workshop a Metsploit Presentation/Workshop was held by Michael Messner (blog). However I already attended his Metasploit Training in August which gave me the idea to attend the Backtrack day.

This two guys have my utmost respect! You pwn ;)

Overall this was a pretty nice Community Event and the first Event/Faire i attended which had really interesting presentations/workshops where i could really learn a thing or two. instead of being a promotion event like CPX, IT-SA, Integralis Security World.

I recommend anyone to attend the (hopefully) next Backtrack Day in 2012

Thank you guys!

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