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Interesting penalty notice for Sony Playstation Network hack

The penalty notice for the Sony Playstation Network hack is an interesting read: Beside the fact that Sony did not properly encrypt PCI relevant data and the rulings vague phrasing: “Therefore the means used would not, at the time … Continue reading

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Smart Event (Intro) Database self destruction

So Smart Event Intro this time: When I returned from Christmas holiday and started Smart Event Intro it greeted me with: Emptyness ;) As this was not the first time I had issues with Smart Event Intro (this post can … Continue reading

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R75.40VS – VSX installation Odyssey – My first SK

Hi, in this post I want to share my recent experience with the Installation of R75.40VS. Last year we noticed that our old Nokia IP390 Appliances were seeing more and more CPU usage and that was with Firewalling only. We … Continue reading

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Dr. StrangeLog or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SmartLog

To make amends for not posting all that time I’m writing the next post right away: I love SmartLog. Its quick, its (really!) dirty, and it optimized our daily work by at least 100%! Smartview Tracker is probably still one … Continue reading

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Checkpoint Edge VPN – IPSec Tunnel not coming up properly

Just yesterday we encountered a problem with one of our VPN Sites that lost its VPN connectivity right when we wanted to go to lunch >;( As we encounter glitches with Edges often we suspected the problem on the Edge’s … Continue reading

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to blog or not to blog

As you can see by the complete lack of posts I managed to post in 2012, writing is not really a hobby of mine. But I want to blog about technical stuff and regularly visit other Checkpoint Related blogs. As … Continue reading

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