Interesting penalty notice for Sony Playstation Network hack

The penalty notice for the Sony Playstation Network hack is an interesting read:

Beside the fact that Sony did not properly encrypt PCI relevant data and the rulings vague phrasing:

“Therefore the means used would not, at the time of the attack, be deemed appropriate, given the technical resources available to the data controller.”

a main point of the ruling seems to have been the fact, that the systems were compromised by a vulnerability for which patches were available at the time of the hack.

To me this is a perfect example that patch and vulnerability management are not nice to have but instead a must have for every organization. This ruling shows that being hacked is not just an inconvenience for the targeted companies but also opens the doors to fines and reparation claims.

I would really like to know what the blackened parts were about!
So give your Nessus a go and make sure to follow up on the results ;)

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