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Do you know what your iPhone is talking about?

Hello, if you have to answer the headline with a no, why dont you just find it out? Its quite easy: 1. Set up a minmal vmware ubuntu server installation (include openssh server for access) 2. Set up hostapd according … Continue reading

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File Hiding and Process Obfuscation –

Hello, interesting brief video that shows directory / file obfuscation on windows: Regards Sebastian

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Direct Memory Access is evil!

Hello, Everybody should know that DMA is evil since the first Firewire Exploit was released arround 2003. The problem is that besides fast memory access for peripheral equipment it allows everybody, who gets physical access to a computer with a … Continue reading

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TL-WDR4300 OpenWRT WiFi performance iDevices

In my last post about TL-WDR4300 performance I did not post the results from my iPhone5 and iPad3 as the results are somehow not correct. I just now found out that there is a nice iPerf App in the Appstore that is … Continue reading

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OpenWRT Performance TL-WR1043ND vs TL-WDR4300

Hello, so consumer router are a security nightmare at the moment. What to do? Get a nice cheap TP-Link Router and flash it with OpenWrt! I just did that and replaced my TP-WR1043ND with a new TP-WDR4300 Router. Here are … Continue reading

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R75.40VS – The Saga continues – VSX Cluster Cisco ARP problem

Hello, as I promised in R75.40VS – VSX installation Odyssey – My first SK I will keep you updated with the progress we made on troubleshooting this installation. The good news: plenty new problems to troubleshoot and write about! Well not plenty but this … Continue reading

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Linksys Consumer Routers also crap

Hello, m-1-k-3 keeps it coming: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Linksys E1500/E2500 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Linksys WRT54GL A bit scary when you think about it! When he released the Linksys WRT54 vulnerability PoC I tought “Well this is an old device. A classic still, … Continue reading

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You say your network is secure? DigiNotar probably thought the same!

Hello, provocative headline right? I just recently read that thats the way to catch readers *blunt* Im not going to discredit your networks security in this (short) post but just want to make a point I’m making over and over … Continue reading

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SmartLog not so smart – stops logging

Hello, recently I talked about SmartLog in: Dr. StrangeLog or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the SmartLog Provoking the Gods by writing about SmartLog being buggy sometimes, they punished us with SmartLog stopping to show/indexing fresh log entries. Good … Continue reading

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Refer: The Home Network Horror days starting right now …

m-1-k-3 is going strong again! Make sure to check out his newest House of Dlink horrors over here: I would recommend everyone who knows his way around linux/*nix to get a cheap compatible openwrt router…  

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