OpenWRT Performance TL-WR1043ND vs TL-WDR4300


so consumer router are a security nightmare at the moment. What to do? Get a nice cheap TP-Link Router and flash it with OpenWrt!
I just did that and replaced my TP-WR1043ND with a new TP-WDR4300 Router.

Here are a few benchmarks

Note that I am still missing the iPhoen5 and iPad3 OpenWRT benchmarks. That is because they have some serious performance issues (<10mbit) at the moment that I want to figure out before posting faulty benchmark results.

Also I will do some iperf benchmarks later on to see how fast the macbook will go on 5ghz (internet connection caps at 100mbit).

Update: More extensive benchmarks performed with iPerf can be found in this post: TL-WDR4300 performance iDevices


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5 Responses to OpenWRT Performance TL-WR1043ND vs TL-WDR4300

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  2. Huy Duong says:

    I bought yesterday the TL-WDR4300 and had the best results with 5ghz and stock firmware (~80mbit/s).
    My internetline has 120mbit/s, with ethernet cable I succeed ~100mbit/s.
    Now I’m interested to get also 100mbit/s via WLAN, but I’m not sure where to optimize it.
    Can it be some settings on the router or the Wi-Fi card of my notebook.?


  3. SebastianB says:


    80mbits is already a really good result for wifi with cheap hardware. I get arround 90mbit sitting in the next room approx. 5 meeters from the router with one wall in between.

    One thing you can check is if you actually are running on 2 Channels / 40Mhz (2x20Mhz). The easiest way is to look in the LuCI Webinterface if your Notebook is registered with >150Mbit / 40Mhz.

    • Huy Duong says:

      Yes, I checked this.
      Yesterday I found something interesting.
      With disabling “sending SSID” and running this speedtest:
      I got for the 1st run: 75mbit/s / 2nd run: 85 mbit/s / and for the all the next runs 90-100mbit/s
      but it’s only working if I’m doing the download test in quick succession.

      Is it showing to me maybe wrong numbers because the router is caching something or is the “sending SSID”-option really taking 10-20mbit/s net speed.

      If I enable “sending SSID” I got constant 80mbit/s

      • SebastianB says:

        Sending and Hiding SSID is just a very useless security feature which should not reduce any amount of performance. However if you are really sure thats what you are seeing it can always be just an bug of OpenWRT. I think there is not a stable release yet for the TL-WDR4300…

        My Macbook is working just fine with it however all my cell phones and appletv are also a bit glitchy with OpenWRT…

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