Do you know what your iPhone is talking about?


if you have to answer the headline with a no, why dont you just find it out?

Its quite easy:

1. Set up a minmal vmware ubuntu server installation (include openssh server for access)
2. Set up hostapd according to:
3. Plug in a 10$ WiFi stick and map it to the vm
4. Host a WiFi (free or WPA2 protected)
5. Join your iPhone (or any other smartphone for that matter)
6. Run some Apps, preferably the shady jailbroken ones
7. Dump the network traffic using tcpdump
8. Analyze traffic in Wireshark
9. And my favorite: run it through strings and browse through all the human readable stuff crossing the wires

Hope that gives you an idea how easy it is to get set up for analyzing SmartPhone traffic.
I will follow up with a post with detailed instructions on how to set this up and how to add a transparent https proxy to get a clear-text read of all the encrypted traffic initiated by those apps.

Disclaimer: Dont use to spy on people and don’t create open WiFi’s! Even if you think you are the one sitting on the other side of the mirror. If someone heavily exploits your Internet connection you have no gain from analyzing the packets…


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