Please delete your logs first, we can alert you later…. – Checkpoint Local Log Storage

Whats wrong with the Picture below?

local log storage

“… start deleting old log files.” must be at least 5MBytes greater than “… issue alert.”

Okay so it is not just recommended but enforced that I have to first delete log files and get alerted about it later?

Gladly its not. This seems to be just a misleading “Error Message”. But what is enforced in the Smart Dashboard GUI is that Stop logging needs to happen before automatically deleting logfiles. This can be argued but I can at least see a logic in that.

However what I would really like would be a “Warning/Suggestion” instead of taking the decision out of my hand and forbidding me to set this up the way I want to.

Keeping in mind Checkpoint’s main targeted market are large enterprises which should have admins that are capable of deciding such things for themselves.

Also what good are 5MBytes nowadays?!The screenshot is taken from a R76 Mgmt.


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