I am the Evil!

Update July 30th 2018: seems that Microsofts SmartScreen Team fixed this swiftly after my review request. So props to Microsoft. Misclassifications can happen – a swift and productive response is all one can ask for!

Microsoft seems to be thinking I am Evil…

I just want to assure everyone that I am not hosting any kind of malware on my site and do not collect any personal information in my Blog.

This blog is purely to write about IT Security related topics and to publish my CV.

The WordPress is hosted and beeing kept up to date by wordpress.com and uses no custom Plugins on my part – so a basic vanilla wordpress.com Blog.

I cannot vouch for wordpress.com’s hosting but I think that a wordpress focused professional hoster will keep the best patchlevel possible for wordpress.

I imagine some overeager Proxy Admin saw evil haxing Tools and reported my site as malicious. I already requested a reevaluation from Microsofts SmartScreen Team and hope this will get resolved quickly!


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