Assemble your own affordable Treadmill Desk!

Ever since I listened to Neal Stephenson’s Book Reamde I wanted to get a Treadmill Desk!

A long time I thought you need to buy expensive Ones for a couple thousand Dollars like the Uplift Desk ones.

Now I found out that you can assemble a decent one for just 550 Euros with:

  • Ikea Desk SKARSTA – 199€
  • And a Cheap LONTEK Treadmill from Rakuten – 350€

The result looks decent and works like a charm:


If you don’t think you can work effectively while walking please go and try out somewhere! It works pretty well and your are not sitting the entire day!

I know this sounds a lot like Advertisement but all links above are without any affiliation and I just want to share my experience with the Desk!


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