pyTenable Python API Wrapper

Not all Infosec Professionals are Programmers by trade. I encourage anyone working in Infosec to learn as much programming as possible but there are still a lot of Jobs that don’t require in depth Programming and Programming-Architecture Skills.

If you are like me and know your way around Python Scripts and the small Program here and there you might appreciate a simplified API Wrapper for the Tenable RESTful APIs located here:

And its documentation located here:

Some of the Scripts and Examples I will post here will be based on the pyTenable API Wrapper.

Please Note: you don’t have to use this, you can always look at the functionality and implement it completely without this wrapper on your own!

Feel free to get inspired by my examples but always:

  • Check if they fit your needs or need to be edited!
  • Review their functionality and never use them in production without testing them prior in lab or uncritical environment!
  • Alter, edit and advance them!

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