Tenable LCE 5.x / 5.1.x free Up disk-space manually

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related to my prior post:


I want to make sure you can also find out about the script:


Which will stop the LCE, delete unnecessary files and then ask you silo by silo the delete the oldest silos until the disk usage goes under 90% again.

In conjunction with the archive repo script this should help “recitfy” all disk space issues in the Elastic based LCE 5.x Versions!

Pay especially good attention if your Archive repo is on the same partition als the active database (which makes no sense but is the default if you have not designed a special archive partition/dont need archiving):

In my case in this constellation the LCE is doomed to fill up diskspace when the HDD goes over 90% usage, das this will prevent archiving which will in turn prevent disk automated disk trimming.

So ideally make sure you have a dedicated Archive Partition and if not set the limits so that the active database does not fill the HDD > 90%

If you run into a LCE 5.x with a filled up disk use the script above and if broken, the Archive Repo and get it under 90% again so it keeps selftrimming!

If i missed something or you have problems feel free to use the comments below!


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