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Tenable ContainerSecurity simple pyTenable examplescript to list vulns associated with scanned containers

If you want or need to pull data of Tenables ContainerSecurity Solution which is part of the offering and aim to use the pyTenalbe API Wrapper then you might have stumbled over the fact that the associated documentation for … Continue reading

Posted in miscellaneous | Tagged , , , , , automated Plugin Updates in Airgapped or otherwise Offline Environments

If you ever need to deploy a in an Airgapped or otherwise online environment and need guidance on how to implement automated Pluginupdates this is the righ blogpost for you! Prerequisite Note that you will require a valid … Continue reading

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Tenable LCE 5.x / 5.1.x free Up disk-space manually

Hey there, related to my prior post: I want to make sure you can also find out about the script: /opt/lce/tools/es-helper-script/rectify-disk-utilization Which will stop the LCE, delete unnecessary files and then ask you silo by silo the delete the … Continue reading

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Tenable LCE 5.x / 5.1.x – Archive Repo Missing

Hey, for some reason Tenable as no Community/KB Articles about the Troubleshooting of the Elastic Stack used in the 5.x branch of LCE so I want to share what i learned today and make it google serachable as a solution: … Continue reading

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Good IT Security related Books to read during the Holidays

Looking for something to recharge your passion for IT Security during the holidays? Maybe one of these books will inspire you! I do not get any affiliation / referral for the following Links – I am just sharing my recommendations … Continue reading

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Tenable NNM: Old Chrome User-Agent Beaconing out of my Network – was I Hacked? (a Threat-Hunting Story)

Intro So as a Tenable Partner we have a Lab-License for the Tenable Product Suites which we often use to test new Products, Features, Updates and recreate issues in the Lab for further analysis. For this reason I was again … Continue reading

Posted in miscellaneous forces you to use SMS-2FA

So im using as I definetly dont want the burden of running one of the most hacked CMS myself! Now that I finally found out that you can securely configure your PayPal with TOTP 2FA I revisited all my … Continue reading

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PayPal now Supports proper OTP 2FA Apps – but no Recovery Codes and no U2F!

In 2013 I published the Blogpost: Paypal – How to not implement 2-Factor-Authentication Since then Paypal had a lot hits and misses with 2FA as you can find in countless blogposts out there. I cannot tell you when exactly but … Continue reading

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Tenable Nessus Agents: Deploying Trusted Certificate for Nessus Manager on Virtual Appliance

If you want to deploy Nessus Agents in an OnPremise Nessus Manager Setup you have to make sure Nessus Manager has a Certificate which is trusted by the Clients OS and that Nessus Manager trusts the Clients Computer certificates. With … Continue reading

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Setting up macOS to enable API&Python related Stuff – the BREW way

Most people will either use: Windows (you’re on your own buddy!) Linux (you probably already have everything you need installed already!) macOS (you’ve got a Terminal but all programs are old….) So if you are using a macOS you kinda … Continue reading

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