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pyTenable Python API Wrapper

Not all Infosec Professionals are Programmers by trade. I encourage anyone working in Infosec to learn as much programming as possible but there are still a lot of Jobs that don’t require in depth Programming and Programming-Architecture Skills. If you … Continue reading

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New Life in an old Blog!

I started this Blog to document and share my experience with and around Checkpoint Firewalls. Since then I have switched Jobs and have not touched a Checkpoint Firewall in years! However I became a Tenable-Partner and touched and built a … Continue reading

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Assemble your own affordable Treadmill Desk!

Ever since I listened to Neal Stephenson’s Book Reamde I wanted to get a Treadmill Desk! A long time I thought you need to buy expensive Ones for a couple thousand Dollars like the Uplift Desk ones. Now I found out that … Continue reading

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Published my Second Book: Penetration Testing mit mimikatz

Hello, since beginning of July 2019 my new Book “Penetration Testing mit mimikatz” is available directly from the Publisher mitp and the usual Shops like Amazon! Keep on Roasting!  

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I am the Evil!

Update July 30th 2018: seems that Microsofts SmartScreen Team fixed this swiftly after my review request. So props to Microsoft. Misclassifications can happen – a swift and productive response is all one can ask for! Microsoft seems to be thinking … Continue reading

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Controls to prevent Petya Outbreak and harden your environment in the future

A quick post with a collective list of measures that can be undertaken to harden your environment to prevent a Petya outbreak. Backups, Backups, Backups and Restore! With the current Ransomeware threats a working backup and even more important a … Continue reading

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Ewwww SCSI (EwSkuzzy @vulnhub)

Another Vulnhub VM: EwSkuzzy form @vortexau So last evening I decided its time for another Vulnhub. Luckily someone in #vulnhub was discussing EwSkuzzy! As the description warned that it might be problematic in VMware I was glad that VMware Fusion imported … Continue reading

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BND Forensic Challenge – Cyber all the things

When the German Intelligence Service: Bundesnachrichtendienst (short BND) releases a hacking challenge as job application all bad media storm breaks lose: “Solve this challenge to become a spy” I did not care much for the RE challenge a couple of months … Continue reading

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vulnhub: flickII – to the root – walkthrough part2

This Post continues Part 1 of my flickII walkthrough! In the last post I showed how I was able to get a reverse shell using the flick-check-dist.apk and its API. In this post I will conclude the walkthrough by demonstrating how … Continue reading

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vulnhub: flickII – a different approach – walkthrough part1

Hey, Another vulnhub walkthrough, however this time a special one for me, because it required new special knowledge I just acquired. Flick II on vulnhub:,122/ Introduction to FlickII I first grabbed FlickII when it was fresh in August 2015. I loved … Continue reading

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