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Hello, This is my writeup of the Darknet boot2root VM from I enjoyed Darknet as it was a VM focused on Linux System configuration and WebApp flaws. Lately there have been a lot of application exploitation and reverse engineering challenges … Continue reading

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Only use a stager if there is a stage to perform on – shell/reverse_tcp vs. shell_reverse_tcp

Hi, just a quicky: (If you don’t know what this is about maybe you want to brush up your knowlege in offensive security) If you need to generate a simple reverse shell payload with metasploit (msfpayload | msfencode) be aware … Continue reading

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fail 2 package – fail2ban does not recognize debians auth.log timestamp format

Hello, I just set up fail2ban on a Debian 6.0.9 and had some trouble getting it to work. After some google research I found out that debian logs with a different time stamp to the auth.log than expected by fail2ban. … Continue reading

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muscle up with brute force – build john with multi cpu support to crack those hashes faster!

Hello, im currently doing the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK) course from the awesome Offensive Security Team which also brings you the famous Kali Linux (formerly BackTrack). (if you don’t care and just want to crack password skip to the next headline!) … Continue reading

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