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Tenable NNM: Old Chrome User-Agent Beaconing out of my Network – was I Hacked? (a Threat-Hunting Story)

Intro So as a Tenable Partner we have a Lab-License for the Tenable Product Suites which we often use to test new Products, Features, Updates and recreate issues in the Lab for further analysis. For this reason I was again … Continue reading

Posted in miscellaneous forces you to use SMS-2FA

So im using as I definetly dont want the burden of running one of the most hacked CMS myself! Now that I finally found out that you can securely configure your PayPal with TOTP 2FA I revisited all my … Continue reading

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PayPal now Supports proper OTP 2FA Apps – but no Recovery Codes and no U2F!

In 2013 I published the Blogpost: Paypal – How to not implement 2-Factor-Authentication Since then Paypal had a lot hits and misses with 2FA as you can find in countless blogposts out there. I cannot tell you when exactly but … Continue reading

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New Life in an old Blog!

I started this Blog to document and share my experience with and around Checkpoint Firewalls. Since then I have switched Jobs and have not touched a Checkpoint Firewall in years! However I became a Tenable-Partner and touched and built a … Continue reading

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Assemble your own affordable Treadmill Desk!

Ever since I listened to Neal Stephenson’s Book Reamde I wanted to get a Treadmill Desk! A long time I thought you need to buy expensive Ones for a couple thousand Dollars like the Uplift Desk ones. Now I found out that … Continue reading

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I am the Evil!

Update July 30th 2018: seems that Microsofts SmartScreen Team fixed this swiftly after my review request. So props to Microsoft. Misclassifications can happen – a swift and productive response is all one can ask for! Microsoft seems to be thinking … Continue reading

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Controls to prevent Petya Outbreak and harden your environment in the future

A quick post with a collective list of measures that can be undertaken to harden your environment to prevent a Petya outbreak. Backups, Backups, Backups and Restore! With the current Ransomeware threats a working backup and even more important a … Continue reading

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BND Forensic Challenge – Cyber all the things

When the German Intelligence Service: Bundesnachrichtendienst (short BND) releases a hacking challenge as job application all bad media storm breaks lose: “Solve this challenge to become a spy” I did not care much for the RE challenge a couple of months … Continue reading

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vulnhub: flickII – to the root – walkthrough part2

This Post continues Part 1 of my flickII walkthrough! In the last post I showed how I was able to get a reverse shell using the flick-check-dist.apk and its API. In this post I will conclude the walkthrough by demonstrating how … Continue reading

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vulnhub: flickII – a different approach – walkthrough part1

Hey, Another vulnhub walkthrough, however this time a special one for me, because it required new special knowledge I just acquired. Flick II on vulnhub:,122/ Introduction to FlickII I first grabbed FlickII when it was fresh in August 2015. I loved … Continue reading

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