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fail 2 package – fail2ban does not recognize debians auth.log timestamp format

Hello, I just set up fail2ban on a Debian 6.0.9 and had some trouble getting it to work. After some google research I found out that debian logs with a different time stamp to the auth.log than expected by fail2ban. … Continue reading

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Do you know what your iPhone is talking about?

Hello, if you have to answer the headline with a no, why dont you just find it out? Its quite easy: 1. Set up a minmal vmware ubuntu server installation (include openssh server for access) 2. Set up hostapd according … Continue reading

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TL-WDR4300 OpenWRT WiFi performance iDevices

In my last post about TL-WDR4300 performance I did not post the results from my iPhone5 and iPad3 as the results are somehow not correct. I just now found out that there is a nice iPerf App in the Appstore that is … Continue reading

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OpenWRT Performance TL-WR1043ND vs TL-WDR4300

Hello, so consumer router are a security nightmare at the moment. What to do? Get a nice cheap TP-Link Router and flash it with OpenWrt! I just did that and replaced my TP-WR1043ND with a new TP-WDR4300 Router. Here are … Continue reading

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Refer: The Home Network Horror days starting right now …

m-1-k-3 is going strong again! Make sure to check out his newest House of Dlink horrors over here: I would recommend everyone who knows his way around linux/*nix to get a cheap compatible openwrt router…  

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IPv6 Unsecurity – Router Advertisement is evil

Hi, IPv6 is a mighty protocoll which will bring a lot of cool features in the future. I cant wait till my coffee machine has his own IPv6 Adress and is hackable! In the meantime till it is established and … Continue reading

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