Metasploit Book

I published a Book (in german) about Metasploit and how it can be applied in practice:

Penetration Testing mit


Praxiswissen für mehr IT-Sicherheit

Although Metasploit is an offensive Tool in nature this Book is written from a defensive perspective where Metasploit is an important tool to understand ever new appearing threats and learn how to exploit vulnerabilities to effectively measure and strengthen your companies defensive posture.

It is not a comprehensive manual to every last function in Metasploit. It rather takes you through a virtual Pentest and explains key functionalities of Metasploit and how to use them, so you can apply Metasploit in your daily IT-Security Business for example to verify Patches, test Security-Tools like EMET and Exploit Guard or build your own simple Payloads to test your Antivirus and Mail-Security solutions.

The book is not aimed at seasoned Pentesters but rather to bridge the entry threshold for Administrators and IT-Security Professionals who need to navigate the modern Threat Landscapes.

As a bonus it contains a comprehensive chapter on how to configure the Tenable Nessus Vulnerability Scanner.

You can find the Book at:

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