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Tenable LCE 5.x / 5.1.x free Up disk-space manually

Hey there, related to my prior post: https://itunsecurity.wordpress.com/2020/04/03/tenable-lce-5-x-5-1-x-archive-repo-missing/ I want to make sure you can also find out about the script: /opt/lce/tools/es-helper-script/rectify-disk-utilization Which will stop the LCE, delete unnecessary files and then ask you silo by silo the delete the … Continue reading

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Tenable LCE 5.x / 5.1.x – Archive Repo Missing

Hey, for some reason Tenable as no Community/KB Articles about the Troubleshooting of the Elastic Stack used in the 5.x branch of LCE so I want to share what i learned today and make it google serachable as a solution: … Continue reading

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