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Email Alerts for Amazon AWS Honeypots (ubuntu postfix)

Hello, in my last post: Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman – OpenWRT as Mailrelay/MTA I explained how to set up an email relay in your local network to send email alerts on Honeypot activity. A couple of days … Continue reading

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Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman – OpenWRT as Mailrelay/MTA

Hello, I am fiddeling arround with Honeypots these days and want to receive email alerts when something is happening on those machines. Specifically I want to relay emails via my freemail provider for this. However as Honeypots may be compromised … Continue reading

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Honey in the Clouds

Originally posted on Ethical Hacking: Manu Carus:
Wer sich mit Malware einlässt, sollte alles Fremde von seinem Netz fern halten. Was liegt da näher, als sich von der eigenen Infrastruktur weg und hinein in die Cloud zu bewegen? In diesem…

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