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catch those malwares – outbound firewalling with openwrt / iptables

Hi, ever wanted to do strict outbound firewalling on your openwrt router? For example only allow http and https outbound by default and get logging for everything that tries to connect to any different port on the internet? You can … Continue reading

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Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman – OpenWRT as Mailrelay/MTA

Hello, I am fiddeling arround with Honeypots these days and want to receive email alerts when something is happening on those machines. Specifically I want to relay emails via my freemail provider for this. However as Honeypots may be compromised … Continue reading

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TL-WDR4300 OpenWRT WiFi performance iDevices

In my last post about TL-WDR4300 performance I did not post the results from my iPhone5 and iPad3 as the results are somehow not correct. I just now found out that there is a nice iPerf App in the Appstore that is … Continue reading

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OpenWRT Performance TL-WR1043ND vs TL-WDR4300

Hello, so consumer router are a security nightmare at the moment. What to do? Get a nice cheap TP-Link Router and flash it with OpenWrt! I just did that and replaced my TP-WR1043ND with a new TP-WDR4300 Router. Here are … Continue reading

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